Getting Older Gets Old, Doesn’t it?

Studies have shown that after our mid-twenties, the body starts aging or, breaking down. Bummer, huh? As the decades pass this becomes more pronounced, sometimes affecting the mind as well. Ultimately there is that final, irreversible breakdown of the body—death. Time and circumstance will take its toll no matter our intentions. But one can prepare, from a legal standpoint, for that ride along the way and for the final event. This will provide much needed relief and certainty for you and your loved ones when that time comes.

Estate planning, which some people call “getting my Will done”, is one of those things people tend to put off. That’s the normal condition. If that’s you, well, welcome to the club. But time is ticking and we do not know when our number will be up. 

So, you’ve clicked on this website for a reason. Let’s finish the process. Make it a priority, right now, to get your estate plan handled once and for all. Call Field Law, P.A. at (763) 427-9066.

Joseph-Field-Law-Quote“I enable people to rest assured that their hard earned estates will be preserved and distributed with certainty and relative ease but I also craft for them a path to live a life of security and relative comfort, should they become incapacitated.”

At Field Law, P.A., Joseph Field is an experienced, estate planning attorney, having dedicated 26 years to helping individuals establish sound, practical and affordable estate plans. Whether this involves utilizing a Will or, the more confidential Revocable “Living” Trust or, adding Power of Attorneys to an existing estate plan, Mr. Field can get this taken care for you. He will make sure you know your options and will place you in a position to make wise choices. You will leave your appointment with Attorney Field being almost a semi-pro on how estate planning and probate work. One thing you will come away with is knowing that having one’s next of kin administer your estate can be challenging and expensive, if you are not proactive. Furthermore, without an established estate plan in-fighting among family members could arise, potentially distracting your family from the good memory of you. And worse, it could create family riffs for years to come.

But death is only part of estate planning. It also involves what happens during your lifetime, i.e., what happens when you become “incapacitated” or end up in a hospital. With the rise of dementia and Alzheimer’s incapacity has become a real concern. But mental incapacity could arise from a car accident or a ‘slip and fall’ tragedy. If you haven’t prepared in advance, family members may have no choice but to proceed with a costly and time consuming “guardianship” or “conservatorship” court action. And who is selected to be your guardian is now out of your hands. It will be up to a judge who knows little of your family dynamics.  Choosing to get Power of Attorneys in place or utilizing the all-encompassing Revocable Living Trust can help dispense with or simplify such proceedings. This is referred to as “incapacity planning”.  Field Law, P.A. stands ready to help you with this element of your life. Call (763) 427-9066. Or email us at jfield@jfieldlaw.com. Many people simply choose to get a “Will Package” or “Trust Package” which covers them both in life and death.

Finally, if you find that a loved one has died without leaving a Will or Trust, perhaps they did leave a Will or Trust but now you don’t know what to do, call Field Law, P.A. We can help you through the process, whether than be probate or trust administration.  Of course such matters will be foreign to you. Navigating through probate can be confusing if you don’t spend the time to learn the process. But is it really worth it to you to spend that time? Let Field Law, P.A. take the worries out of this process for you.  We are ready and equipped to help you.  Call (763) 427-9066 to set up an appointment with attorney Joseph Field.

Don’t fret or stress out.  Take action.  Call.  We will take it from there.  Whether you need a Durable Power of Attorney, Short Form Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Affidavit for the Collection of Personal Property (sometimes referred to as a ‘small estate affidavit’), Transfer on Death Deed or to simply to amend your Will (called a “Codicil”) or Trust, Field Law, P.A. can help. Call us now.

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